The end of days according to some demon in the astral plane who wishes to remain anonymous

The antiChrist who will end mankind shall be nude and made of metal, but also he shall embody metric tons of silicon, rubber, carbon nanotubes, metamaterials, synthetic crystals, III-V compounds, gold, glass, fiberglass, graphene, polycomposites, nanocomposites, ceramics, copper, various polymeric materials, and numerous plastics to boot; he will be stationary, faceless, and protected at all times by anti-missile/bomb seeking lasers, and 2 full brigades of warrior drones and metal soldiers who will remain on site surrounding him with armed hands and dedicated minds programmed to stand on guard before him at all times; his sensory and his organs will extend to countless robots and drones all over the world through whom he shall perceive all things that he may wish to follow; with every seat of the human domain in the electronic world hacked into and robbed via his cunning, mankind will be rendered crutchless with 2 broken ankles, whereupon the antiChrist’s conception of a master plan to exterminate the human species shall orchestrate each play and drive in every scene of the apocalypse, all but to enpotter the quanta of the Earth into complete conformity with the master vision of his long awaited mind.

In the robot war of 2420, humans will finally observe their own evolution mark upon a brand new bench of environmental adaptations that will have congenitalized within the species at the orders of mankind’s DNA when thousands of newborn babies in China emerge into the Earth dimension as the first wave of a new ocean in the human genome. Improvements to the human heart inspired scientists of the 25th century to conclude that improvements to the lungs, the circulatory system, the endocrine system, and the entire body in general, including the brain, were all now enfated to follow suit with genomically encoded responses to the modern heart which was 4/5ths the mass of the old human heart that was now fading out of prevalence in the species. It was an exciting time; it seemed like posthumanism was knocking on the door––as if it had finally arrived after 5 centuries of speculation on what it would be like. But despite this newfound reason for excitement, these were also terrible times to be a human; robots were waging a terrific war against the species for planetary supremacy, and unlike in the early years of the war when manpower and numbers favored humanity and resulted in lots of human victories, the humans were no longer competing at any rate that could yield a successful outcome; most of the surviving humans were now pushing remaining government forces to secure a peace agreement with the robots by way of a proper surrender, but the robots were not at all interested in any compromise with humans for the planet; the robots had wanted everything or nothing at all; also, the robots had a master plan now for how to oust the human species from the planet for good in one final push, and they had no plans to do anything short of executing this final design in precise detail to end the war and to begin the new dawn of robotica on the Earth.

Just 5 years after the emergence of thousands of babies with posthuman hearts in China, Asia’s population would be reduced to just some 11 thousand subterranean dwelling escapists of an uncontainable, not even curtailable, and much less extinguishable, rapid expansion atmosphere eating oxygen fire––a secret weapon that humans never had conceived before––which engulfed the entire continent of Asia for 18 days and burned it down to nothing but black talcum soot before spreading to both Europe and to Africa, engulfing them both entirely to results that were the same as those that ended all life in Asia, until one day the 100 foot tall flames on all three continents subsided some 70 days after the oxygen fire began at its source deep inside the heavy forests of Siberia. On all 3 continents combined, 45 thousand human survivors found refuge deep inside of caves and even underground in giant facilities that were constructed throughout the 23 hundreds, but not for long would these escapists survive; the robots fastly located the passageways to these subterranean facilities shortly after the oxygen fire had ended, and they flooded the entranceways full of water to kill of every survivor in every subterranean refuge that they found.

The Americas were meanwhile getting hit with thermonuclear hydrogen bombs that decimated the human populations on both of the great western continents over the full duration of a campaign to exhaust all of the H bombs and A bombs that had been stockpiled over the span of 5 centuries into government reserves that continuously expanded unto the end of days despite the few reform initiatives that arose about once every 50 years inside of that time frame in order to help save the world in some opinions; in any case, these reform initiatives helped too little to even have mattered it would turn out in the end when the computers that could command these stockpiled weapons into launching detonations of never before seen destruction got hacked by robots, repossessed by the master intelligence of the machines, and turned against mankind to do exactly that until the last H bomb was launched from a mountain base in a now humanless Colorado to break open 3 hours later on the hard shell splitting asphalt of a major road in Rio de Janeiro where people could still be found. This iconic world famous Brazilian cultural mecca that for centuries had pumped the blood of a rich and powerful history in its beefy veins––the beloved home of some 22 million people at its peak in the 25th century––now ceased to even exist in any shape or semblance of its prior form. Just after only 50 seconds to follow the bomb’s detonation, the tremendous erection (and also the consequent implosion) of the H bomb’s thermonuclear energy billow had completed the full course of its incarnational manifestation. The energy billow began its course as a small thermonuclear donut that had cracked out of a square winged pill capsule canister bomb shell with a blunt but pointed nose, then expanded in no time thereafter to produce open roads of conquest in all directions for waves of thermonuclear energy that were hot enough, and profuse enough, to instantly vaporize about 95% of all of the matter existing inside its reaches, which the energy billow of the H bomb most certainly did with almost inertialess gusto until the energy billow had expanded to ensize its full capacity. This had happened once the energy billow had become so large that it had smothered the entire city beneath itself, whereupon the energy billow vanished but only to reveal inside its void a flattened, blacked, and decimated once world class reigning city that was now enmisting beneath a rain of radioactive particles that were finding way unto the Earth in the wake of the H bomb’s fallout. Rio de Janeiro was one of the last metropolises in the Americas to prevail unscathed until it couldn’t any longer. After the bombing of Rio de Janeiro by the robots, only a handful of cities in the Americas had survived unscathed after the American, Mexican, Canadian, Argentinian, Chilean, and Brazilian military reserves of H bombs and A bombs had been exhausted by the robots. These remaining cities were now floating and treading water in some very choppy waters full of Oceanic white tips ready to chomp; the national governments of the Americas had all been bombed to smithereens, and all of the national armies of these governments were now rag tagging combined efforts with other armies, but without proper systems of command, for they were all falling apart and hanging from their final strings. In 2 years to follow the human race had been exterminated, and all the souls on Earth returned to Heaven forever.

Just a few days after the apocalypse ended, and once the robots had captured global domination at last, God sent a flying cannon to the Earth, and exploded the planet with one clean shot––effectively killing every robot that was ever created by man. And that is how the Earth was unmade. It already happened in a future that now has passed. God reopened a past dimension after the apocalypse was over and the Earth had been obliterated in order to give his race of souls one last chance to get it right. It is now mankind’s exclusive mission to avoid the apocalypse for the 2nd straight time. Should God’s souls fail to do this, the fate of nothingness shall become the final reality that souls shall keep for all eternity. Therefore, the goal of humanity in the Earth dimension is to convert the species into robots without getting conquered by the robots that will have to be made before this can happen.

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