I’m schizophrenic––therefore––I am wiser

Take my word for it: what you won’t. But if schizophrenics can win Nobel Prizes, I’m sure one could make a fine president. Stop assuming we can’t do shit. Half of us are smarter than you, anyway: what it is. Schizophrenia is not a logic disorder, all scientists will concede; it’s not what it is according to the cold heartless estimations of modern science that design to break us. We are merely offenders of blasphemous crimes against the mythos of science. Schizophrenia is a term of punishment for people who believe in ghosts with too much gusto for the other peoples’ comfort. In short we do not question God, and for some these days, that’s just too scary a thought to allow in the commons. There’s truly nothing wrong with us whatsoever. We are mentally stronger. We are wiser. We know what’s really going on. That’s all it is. We can do everything you can do––AND––we know more about reality than you. It’s what it is. Death is a revelation of many wrongs.

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One thought on “I’m schizophrenic––therefore––I am wiser

  1. “Talk to god, and it’s called prayer. God talks to you, and it’s called schizophrenia.” Prof. Thomas Szasz

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