Trust me, your apology awaits us––
but in the way of the Buddha––
to me it has already happened.

I’m only incompetent according to science.
I’m only profoundly mentally troubled according to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s fucking demands.
In my opinion I completely kickass and I’m one of the wise ones.
I feel this way precisely––literally all Z time.
It’s the most insane thing about me––and it’s my greatest strength.
People who are against my sanity will just have to one day understand.
They all always do––everybody does––in time.
Everybody always finds out at some point, all that I now know already––
and it’s crazy––
but it’s just what it is.
In time, we’ll be at one.

Flagofthetalliban - Copy_bak_bak_bak_bak - Copy_bak - Copy_bak - Copy (9) - Copy_bak_bak - Copy - Copy_bak - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy copy


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