A twangy A in Nazi

“Cammies, Turrurists, and Nazis”
It’s funny that of the 3 listed threats to freedom,
only Nazis got pronounced “correctly.”
I bet it means nothing.
“Cammies, Turrurists, and Nazis”
What this guy said to me today when I asked him why he feared overseas travel.
“Cammies, Turrurists, and Nazis”

Oh my: I thought: just an allusion to the Wizard of Oz.
He made me think this because he mentioned 3 beasts of the first world burden
whom to me manage but to vampire only minimal respect:
What I had thought of his self-chosen objects of foreboded disquietude––you know?
Self-chosen because he concedes to himself that the world knows better, in my theory.
“Oh my.” I said out loud––but slyly––
with no added tone for the sake of him making any allusion to the Wizard of Oz;
he didn’t make the connection, any way.

Nice guy––he let me chief down on a blunt with him and he knew me not;
we each smoked a solitary micro blunt or a half blunt––one small blunt to each head––
because of the ‘rona virus––you know.
“Cammies, Turrurists, and Nazis.”
I alluded to the Wizard of Oz once more in my mind,
and imagined this man who, looked like Jorge Masvidal, to be honest––
click his heels in red slippers but with no Dorothy dress––just his clothes.
Then this vision made me think of an ex girlfriend––briefly.
Then I looked at a rattlesnake on the wall––stuffed and taxidermied,
and my mind made the man say it once more:
“Cammies, Turrurists, and Nazis.”
Then the guy said something actually really cool.

#poetry #art #emotions



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