Marijuana is a Goddess

I dread the morning.
The daily requirement commands me.
Off to the usual stops.

I sit here and I smoke this blunt.
This piddily little blunt.
I think back to when I first smoked pot
And the profound sensation that it was.
I’m now a do-anything stoner.
Sincerely I could take tests high––
on weed I might even score better
because to me weed is like coffee
and my brain requires it to function.
But I love Mary Jane.
She’s a comfort machine and she’s basically harmless.
It’s the life I choose.
And should I ever leave her, she’ll forsake me not.
She’s beautiful and massively popular––
to her I am something I don’t even understand:
what it is.
She’ll forsake me not.

#Poetry #art #lifestyle



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