Mind exercise

Unleash your ego and let it reign above your conscience.
Pretend you are a psychopath.
Climb into his skin.
Remember hedonism is the driver.
Humans are but street signs, joy pots, commodities––even manikins.
You are the only living soul in this pod you call life.
Everyone––even your family––they might as well be programs in the matrix.
Get what you want––
but first you must discover what that is
That is the strength of every psychopath.
Indeed––everything you’ve ever wanted was something for someone else.
His only crime? Virtually everything he ever machinates or 50% of his being.
Society says he’s bad for the tribe.
But there’s nothing that can be done about him,
nor should he ever stop to bloom.
He makes us part of one.

#paradoxes #poetry #art #thetribe



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