Clean baseball is a game of self-respect.
It’s the good neighbor theory fusioned with any standard idea of altruism;
it says if everyone takes care of themselves, the tribe will prosper;
to work though it requires that each mind or at least most minds
understand that it’s like the 3 musketeers in that
all can depend on one who must depend on all––
that therefore the soldier of one is a chain and every link counts.
This is like a big idea for a shame society––you know.
It’s how places like Japan traditionally have worked––or so it seems.
At least that’s what Ruth Benedict would say, or said.
China would tell you it’s what it is though;
Holler back, Confucius.
You know what I mean?
**Yukio Mishima cuts open his belly**
Last words:
“It’s not what it is.”

#paradoxes #poetry #art #thetribe



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