Dr Thomas Szasz versus Sigmund Freud

2 types of people in this world.
Those who think man is stupid,
and those who think man is supreme.
Those who vote supreme believe the present now resides in the shade,
Those who vote for stupid think we’re scorching beneath the sun of our own errors.
Same planet; 2 people.

Dr Thomas Szasz was a visionary––
a renegade, a maverick, a genius, and a good person.
History will remember him well when psychiatry kicks the bucket or reforms profoundly.
He knew his field was rampant with harmful bullshit,
and he was one of the few practitioners to ever
accomplish fucking fame on piping that point alone.
“Don’t trust me––I’m a doctor.” -Thomas Szasz.
As a “schizophrenic,” I truly appreciate that man.
There should be many more like him in this field of tremendous ignorance.

Abnormal psychology is a subjective call, though it relies on numbers––
in strong theory, variance is something completely normal;
in abnormal psychology, 20 textbooks could summarize it all, and yet
most of it is completely wrong because we all know in 100 years it’s all new info.
Sigmund Freud forever becomes increasingly useless despite he’s the GOAT––
What does that tell you?
Did Michael Jordan become Michael Jordan for missing 70% of his shots?
No. He did not.
And it wasn’t for confessing to the world that he had a titular “oedipus complex,” either.
Fucking weirdo thinks my experience is invalid because I talk to spirits––
Meanwhile––he wacks off to his mom and proclaims to all it’s completely normal.
#poetry #art #mentalillness



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