Chaos Magic versus Thelema Magick versus Wicca Magic

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Today I’m going to compare 3 popular schools of western magic, and I’m going to distinguish each one on the basis of how each one is regarded on the whole by magicians at large, though mostly through the general shared perspective of neutral eclectic practitioners, such as myself. As always this will be a cosmic discussion, so put your astral hat on, and leave your self hating doubts of atheistic wonder on Earth where they belong––the only place in this universe where God accepts them, anyway. Are you ready? Let’s do this shit.

Chaos magic is unique compared to thelema and wicca because chaos magicians reject absolute truth. This means that as to the question of whether magic actually does exist as a supernatural force in this universe, chaos magic maintains that the answer is unknowable, unlike thelema, which says yes, that magic does exist indisputably, and that magic is supernatural and a true force in this universe or at least upon the Earth. Between them both sits the wicca magicians. Wiccan magicians believe magic is indisputable and real just like thelema magicians, but wiccan magicians do not believe magic is supernatural, though rather purely natural as a force of nature or a law of physics. Some will hear this and assume wiccans are animists or even pantheists. All wiccans worship the Horned God and the good lady or the mother goddess, and thus wiccans are duotheistic, predominantly. But indeed––a lot of wiccans are, too, animists, and sometimes they are also pantheists. Indeed––if you look around, you will notice Wiccans are all sorts of things. And it’s because most wiccans are henotheistic, which means they don’t discount polytheistic realities despite the fact that duotheism defines the typical system of worship for most of them. So. Yea. Wiccans can be animists and pantheists and lots of other things, too. Pantheism, by the way, is the belief that the universe and all of spacetime is divine, as either an impersonal force, or even as a full fledged entity in some severely abstracted sense that surpasses our puny understanding. And if you don’t know what animism is, animism maintains that all objects, places and creatures have a distinct spiritual essence––including everything from the moon to oceans to clouds to pet rocks to paper clips. So, having said that, before I continue with the comparisons between chaos magic, thelema, and wicca, just another quick note on animism. Animism can be a very good belief to have if you’re into magic and you wish to empower objects, or if you wish to invoke a natural kami, like the moon, or Mount Fuji. If you’re truly an animist your mind will invent into fashion new beliefs of connection to nature that will bring her bounties to life for you. And this can be very good. Something to consider. Now, back to what I was saying. Out of the three magic systems that I’m comparing today, Wiccan magicians are the most open minded in my opinion, but it’s a close call because all magicians must be open minded, even chaos magicians. So––now we all know what makes chaos magicians unique from everyone else. It’s that they don’t believe that magic must exist––they believe instead only that it might. This is why chaos magic is called “results based magic.” The big idea is that proof is pudding, and pudding is not ambiguous, but pudding is all we seek, yet we live in a world where custards, mouses, and creme brûlées appear to compose all that may be.

In this sense it means that if we say for the sake of illustration that magic is God, Chaos magicians are for this purpose agnostics. Because chaos magicians only believe at max that magic might or might not exist. Now––this might seem counterintuitive for chaos magicians. You might be scratching your head right now, if say you practice voodoo or something hardcore like that. You might be asking yourself, what kind of non illusional magician doesn’t know if he believes in magic? It’s a fair question. One might expect that this would hinder the magical can-do of these magicians, right? That’s what I used to think. That was back when I believed strictly that magic only blessed true believers. More on that in a future video. But regardless of whether you think magic and faith must go hand-in-hand, you have to understand chaos magicians are not usually fools. William S Burroughs was a chaos magician, and he was a very smart man. Chaos magicians might seem on the whole like they do not share your rhythm, and in truth they typically don’t, but even if you practice thelema, they probably understand your rhyme. Me thinks chaos magic attracts the cynics among us. I mean––after all, chaos magicians criticize thelema like all Z time as being arbitrary, and as being nothing more than a symbol system of functional self-deception, right. And they say wiccan magicians fail to understand science. So, are chaos magicians just a bunch of magic snobs? The answer is not really. Chaos magicians never claim to know D-way, and there’s something admirable about that––in some self-deflating way. Chaos magicians on the whole don’t claim to know the secret or even any secrets of magic, though their methods are well documented and canonized. Instead of being snob lords, chaos magicians are probably the most humble magicians around because they are the most skeptical. Skepticism in fact partly serves to define chaos magic because skepticism has no place in other forms of magic. In magic, skepticism is serious meekness if you’re not careful. Thelema purists consider this to be a cardinal shit head move. But that’s what makes chaos magic unique, and that is its drawing power to certain personalities––by which I mean, people who, for 1 thing don’t mind walking to the end of the Earth for a 50% chance of finding what they seek––and who for another thing, think in reflection of perception because they do not trust in the visions of dreams, so to speak. This is huge, that second part of the equation. Huge because this is what all chaos mongers have to be, really. They are people whose beliefs must strictly derive from physical sources that can validate the contents of their convictions, and in turn, ostensible causes and short lasting highways sometimes often hijack the vocations of these people. We tend to call people who are like this, level-headed, because that is precisely what they are. Which sounds good, right. Yeah. Maybe. In certain domains of can-do and know-how at least. In domains of ignorance, though… And now I’m talking not about chaos magicians but only their secular brethren of the same skeptical feather… you know, people who are called level headed… In domains of ignorance like the question of human genesis, said people are by rule of thumb useless and counter-progressive, not because they try to be that way, but it happens regardless, and it happens regardless because it’s like I said, they’ll walk to the end of the Earth for a 50% chance of being right, and as true believers all know, all self hating atheists who do this are fucking wrong about everything, despite they shall continue to crusade forever more in search of the bones of man’s common ancestor. The biggest weakness of titular level headed people is that they do not trust the minds of other men, precisely when, but every time when, other men do not agree with them. Hence why we all must have to hear self-hating atheists whine about the stupid world paradox, wherein the majority of this species is believed to be the downfall of us all. Atheists and chaos magicians hold this quality in common: the level headed gene as I should call it. People with the level headed gene tend to make for atheists about 50% of the time in my experience. But even pious level headed people, who do exist by the way, believe in crowd stupidity, and they do so whether they “realize” it or not because morals oftentimes for us all perceptually filter rightful guilts of egotistical crimes that we commit as healthy normal people who just gotta do what they gotta do to get by. For example––Lisa Frank is a bitch even though she’s not one, you know. She was anti abortion but then she got one, and now you feel empowered because you were never against abortions and she was always a bitch to you. It’s weird how that works, right. If she was your friend, you would not get empowered. And the real issue lends credence to nothing about her being right or wrong despite she lost a battle with fate and spacetime. The real issue resides in politics, social systems of behavioral control, and culture. In any case, no matter what your shoulder chipped heart tells you, her soul is flawless. But then again so is yours. If I was you, I would turn her image into a white magic hoodoo doll because her hardship sounds like it deserves some divine sympathy in my opinion. She would make a fine white magic hoodoo doll indeed. She could bless my whole house. Whatever soul was scheduled to be her baby could even deposit some astral kia into such a hoodoo doll if I succeeded to procure his or her kami. Which sounds crazy, but it could even work. Anyway I diverted to this point because chaos magicians are titular level headed people. And this is why the foundation of chaos magic is a results based principle.
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