Practical magic for schizophrenics

Note: Watch video for extended content

So. You have schizophrenia. Sucks. But the good news is magic can help you. If you can commandeer a cosmic edit to the natural order, your results might astound you. You might hear less voices, or you might stop hearing them completely; you might stop getting fucked with in the middle of the night; you might stop getting molested by invisible hands; you might stop those stupid voices from possessing your voice box to speak through your body; lots of good things might start to happen if you do the shit and you do it right; Hell––you could even break your curse and end your schizophrenia altogether. Few people out there need good magic like schizophrenics, so don’t think for a second that you would be wasting your time. With all the shit that you’ve seen go down as a schizophrenic, if anyone should believe in the power of magic, it is you.

Now, where to begin? Let’s start off with your intent. In magic, intent will not necessarily have to be what makes your plot materialize, but it can definitely break your plot before it gets the chance to become something real if the cosmos decides that it sucks off the bat because your intent was garbage. This is especially true if you wish to appeal to the spirit world, to say, find someone in Heaven who will empower an object for you in the physical plane, which is what I’m gonna teach you how to do today. So, intent is very important. Your intent as a schizophrenic is to save your soul and thus your color of magic is grey. Why does this matter? Because that is the color of your magic, and that is your message to the cosmos. All of your magic is grey. If you don’t like that, tough pudding. If you want to be more hardcore than grey, trust me when I tell you, that you couldn’t survive the consequences of your own black magic, much less could you make any happen. Your color of magic is grey. So. As this is the case, your magic is neutral in the war of darkness against light, metaphorically speaking. Metaphorically indeed, because the truth is there is no war between darkness and light in literal truth. Not under God. That’s not happening. Your demons are meek, and yes you have demons. If you think you don’t have demons, walk away right now. Stop reading. Magic is not for you. No––I don’t care if you think you have dead humans in your head––walk away. I’m not gonna waste my time, nor do I wish to sully my guarantee that I can help you. You’re as crazy to me as the CIA theorist. Listen. If you want magic to work, you need to know AT LEAST the precise taxonomy of the “person” that you wish to use your magic upon. If that doesn’t make sense to you, I’ve tried too hard to help you already, now go away. Good luck. May the simulation fold out in your desire’s favor.

So. If you’re still here, keep on reading. Your demons know what you’re watching right now, and they fucking hate it. Can you feel it? They want you to stop. They want you to remain ignorant. Don’t do it. Keep on reading. Now––now you know you have demons. Congratulations. Maybe you always thought this, or maybe you didn’t, but in any case you now know that your schizophrenia is the handiwork of demons for certain, and that is why I will teach you magic. Before I do, though, it is imperative that I tell you why you have schizophrenia. Without this knowledge, you will not be able to shoot the gun I make for you, I assure you that. Remember, success in magic is about knowing what you’re doing. You should at least know why your bane exists.

You have schizophrenia now in this present lifetime on the Earth because the last time you were in Heaven you profoundly fucked over a demon in the Astral Plane. Why in the Astral Plane? Because that is the only plane that demons live in. Why did you fuck your demon over? And yes it was your present demon who you fucked over. (He hates me now. I can smell him.) The answer is unknowable at this time. I cannot tell you why you fucked your demon over. Just know that demons are God’s children, and even though you are, too, God’s child, God is now forcing you to pay reparations to this demon in the form of your present schizophrenia. All demonic pursuits of apparent injustice on the Earth––including possessions and house squatings––all of it delineates reparations sanctioned by God. If you encounter a demon on the Earth, and it’s a bad run-in, the only reason that can even happen, is because when you were in Heaven you fucked that demon over, and now God is letting him come to you for reparations. In order to get something like schizophrenia, you must really have to fuck a demon over pretty damn badly in Heaven, but it happens all the time. The moral of the story is that if you think demons are bullies or that they are superior to souls, it’s time to stop doing that. Now––now that you know all this, let’s move onto the magic. The grey magic as it were.

Entomb a poppet of yourself inside a shrine box, and incarnate a collective kami inside of that poppet. For your collective kami you’re gonna want to seek deceased souls in Heaven who have had schizophrenia on the Earth. And that’s truly the only hard part. It will take ritual, daily open requests to the cosmos, through which you will appeal to the many souls in Heaven who hate demons and who will wish to help you. The big idea is that among the souls in Heaven who have had schizophrenia on the Earth, some of them have had demons who went too far on Earth with them by disobeying God’s rules and limitations as set forth in the prearranged terms of the reparational schizophrenia. What I mean is that sometimes demons go too far in their reparational pursuits, and then God has to compensate for this by restoring the balance between the demon and the schizophrenic. If you appeal to Heaven with a poppet made in your likeness that will function as a kami vessel, your chances are not terrible for having a donation thrown your way out of someone’s charity. A lot of dead schizophrenics live in Heaven, you know. Conceivably millions. Conceivably way more. For one to help you out, it would require that there will be at least one dead schizophrenic in Heaven who, 1, was wronged by a demon on Earth, 2, heard about your call out to the spirit world, and 3, now wishes to donate his or her own reparations to a living soul, that being yourself. In this way you can empower your poppet. If you do this, the results can be profound. If the kami that incarnates in your poppet is powerful enough, it is not impossible that you can break your curse and end your schizophrenia. That is a best case scenario. Should it happen you will have to protect your poppet and keep it entombed for the rest of your life. If you breach this rule, your demon could return to you. If you need any help making your poppet and your shrine box or if you need any help on how to appeal to Heaven––by this I mean if you have any questions––feel free to contact me.

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