Why Medical Schizophrenia Is A Scientific Myth in Four Core Points

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In this writing I demonstrate why the psychiatric theory of schizophrenia is a scientific myth of pathological science that cannot demonstrate its own existence. I do so in 4 core points whose facts cannot be rebutted. The only rightful conclusion to this demonstration of truth is that schizophrenics might actually not be crazy at all, and in fact responding to valid stimuli. Having said that, this writing aims to demonstrate strictly but only what makes the science wrong or at least not right––not what makes the theology right or at least not wrong. So, let’s do that. In four core points, let’s find out why the science is wrong or at least not right. If you walk away from this writing still believing that schizophrenia is a medical illness, I guarantee that despite you may do so, you will no longer have any reason to believe what you believe. You will have, what they call, blind faith. And what’s funny is it will be in science. What a waste. Here we go.

[Core Point #1––Evidence]
If you think the psychiatric theory of schizophrenia is as sturdy, and as real, and as complete, and as indisputable, as the common knowledge that maintains that a charged filament contained inside a vacuum will produce a lightbulb––you’d be wrong to think this. Now––if you think the psychiatric theory of schizophrenia is as sturdy, and as real––or at least as likely––and as probable, and as presumable, as say, the theory of evolution, you must be on crack to think this could be true. If you think this is true, you are completely wrong. How do I know this? The real question is how do you not. Let me explain. First of all––there’s no bones or fossils and shit for schizophrenia––you know. Schizophrenia is not like evolution––not even at all––at least not in the evidence department. Despite that you may for some reason presume, if not assume, that schizophrenia is just as valid as Darwin’s theory on the origin of the species, the truth is schizophrenia holds no candle’s flame to even a fraction of that much clout. It can’t even strike a match to save its life. To keep it real––did you know––that there’s actually not even any evidence whatsoever that schizophrenia actually exists? Basically, the doctor who believes in bio-environmental-genetic causes, and the patient who believes in demons, each have equal amounts of evidence for their own respective estimations on the matter. That being zero evidence whatsoever. No––just because you do not like that, it does not mean that I am not wrong. I am in fact completely right. The only difference between the doctor and the patient is that the doctor has 100 years of research at his disposal, yet zero proven answers for what the fuck to do about the supposed illness that he can’t concede is not one. Which leads me to my next core point.

[Core Point #2––Time]
Head shrinks want you to believe that schizophrenia research is making tangible grounds or something. They don’t say this outright to anyone because, well it would be a tremendous lie, but head shrinks know that unless you’re schizophrenic, you will assume that progress has been made, because that’s what everyone does assume. The truth is, though, there has been no progress whatsoever. In reality, schizophrenia was coined about a hundred years ago. 100 FUCKING YEARS AGO. Long, long time ago. And as of yet, in all of that time, no **indisputable** progress has yet been made. Seriously. Fuck––even HIV aids has made some profound progress, and that shit’s not even that old. Shit was discovered in 1981. But––yes––it’s like I say, you can’t put schizophrenia in a test tube. And that’s my next point.

[Core Point #3––Proof]
This is the doctor’s theory on schizophrenia. He believes that schizophrenia has a bio-genetic-environmental causality. In terms of biology, he says it’s dopamine. In terms of genetics, he claims that’s what it is––it’s partly genetic. In terms of the environment, he blames entropy. Put it all together and what do you got? He says schizophrenia. But if it must be dopamine that partly causes schizophrenia, how come he can’t measure dopamine to confirm his theory is correct. It’s one thing he cannot do, but does not mention. It’s impossible to measure dopamine in any reliable manner. Therefore, the doctor’s theory sucks indisputably, and if you disagree, clearly you are lying, either to yourself or to me because it’s gotta be to someone. If doctors can’t measure dopamine, there’s no reason to believe dopamine irregularities cause schizophrenia, because there’s no way to know if schizophrenics even have dopamine irregularities. If you cannot measure, you cannot know. Now––onto the gene theory. Doctor says it’s genetic. But guess what? There’s no proven gene for schizophrenia. No gene has been located. So I guess that theory has to suck, too, doesn’t it. On to environmental causes. Doctor blames entropy, but how can that be so if the experience had by most patients is quotidian and mundane? It just doesn’t make any sense, does it? That’s 3 for 3 down the drain. Which leads me to my next point.

[Core Point #4––Counterproof]
One common myth that PMDs perpetuate in the west is that schizophrenic patients fare worse if they go without psychiatric treatment. Of course PMDs say this to, 1, make money, and to 2, keep the dream alive. Funny that they must insist on this, though, right? They have to convince you that they actually help. It’s somewhat funny, and it would be moreso, were it not such a travesty. I mean––men with missing arms or tumors the size of baseballs rarely need convincing that they are in trouble––nada mean? The point is––if a man does not feel sick and will not feel sick, then was he really ever sick? Methinks he was not––and lo and behold, he agrees with me. Indeed it is a myth that schizophrenics do better under psychiatric treatment, and western research ironically proves this to be true. Apparently findings repeatedly show that witch doctor patients with spirit attachments or “schizophrenia” in developing nations FARE BETTER than schizophrenic patients who see western docs with PMDs in first world nations. What does that tell you? It’s only a fact of statistical science, and it’s only indisputable. Apparently any treatment model that accommodates the psychiatric theory of schizophrenia should measure out results that will be inferior to the results that shall be made across the pond in Africa by good old fashioned clairvoyant witch doctors who can astral project to Heaven and negotiate with spirits on the behalf of their patients. Apparently witch doctors know at least some little bit more about schizophrenia than PMDs. What’s not surprising is that witch doctors don’t believe schizophrenia is a mental illness. They believe it is a spirit attachment.

[Closing Statement]
Schizophrenia is just a western school of theory for finding an alternative secular answer for spirit attachments, that has always been and will always remain pathological science. The theory gets favored by atheists, who find something to gain, naturally, despite people like me must have to suffer something to lose in society, and atheists let this happen because the myth of schizophrenia, when posited for truth, acts as a functional link of supporting evidence for the atheistic cause. That is if you actually believe in the sermons of these auto mechanics in 3 piece suits who can’t put schizophrenia in a Goddamn test tube, or prove it exists genetically, or demonstrate dopamine theories in any manner that can be measured. Schizophrenia is a theory that undermines your fellow man. It’s all fun and games until it happens to you. Then you see the light. When you see the darkness. Then you begin the good fight––for your own dignity, righteousness, altruism, and also for your integrity, or your sanity as they used to call it. The psychiatric theory of schizophrenia will never go away so long as atheism proceeds to function as the de facto premise of the universe for every scientific field. But one thing is for certain––there will never be a cure for schizophrenia. They’ll figure out how to travel through time before they cure this “disease.” Here’s to a hundred more years of absolute toil. Cheers. And remember––true wisdom precedes you.

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