On Hate Crime Disparities And Respecting Equality

Did it take another black man getting slain on the street? I think it did. With every tear the heart grows stronger. Does anyone out there still distinguish all lives from black lives whilst gushing forth words of the unturnable delusion that there is a burgeoning modern movement out there in this country that is threatening to turn the racial tables on the white man who doesn’t even believe the tables exist anymore? Does anyone out there still believe racism is dead just because Obama was elected president by the powers of about roughly half of a voting populace whose greater populace measured in that year to be about 310 million American souls? Does anyone out there still believe in this reverse oppression initiative that is presently getting spearheaded in the shadows by certain unqualified affirmative action beneficiaries in high seats of power who now wish to dismantle the freedoms and the happiness of the American WASP at large? Does anyone out there still maintain that the black lives matter movement is illogical or an unjustifiably selfish choice in phraseology? Does anyone out there still distinguish right from wrong in tandem with making inane clock cleaning statements about upper average dual threat quarterbacks who can play football for sure but are absolutely doubtless as to the question does human decency, racial equality, respect, and justice for all transcend the good old game of American football in a league whose players are more than half comprised by blacks? (Honestly sometimes it’s like the entire team is completely black. Does that not matter?) Or have all those people who once thought that Kaepernick could be the antiChrist if only he were white and thus capable of achieving divinity or sub near divinity, now have realized that they had always missed the point of black lives matter from the start? The point was always just that hate crimes on blacks alone nearly out measure hate crimes on all the other races in this country combined according to reliable stats that come out every single year–––including the year in which you proclaimed loud and scared that all lives matter. And that’s despite black people comprise only 12.5 percent of the country. And it’s also despite the fact that racist cops are helping to contribute to these stats with “honest” police reports in every instance. In theory the hate crime disparity in this country could be greater than we even know.

White people basically suck at being nice is what it is. Blessed with the asset of European geography, white people basically just came into possession of 1 or 2 technologies of geographic exploitation/adaptation that both had allowed the white man to conquer other societies in which geography did not let those cultures acquire the needed technologies of domination which could have prevented white oppression. It’s all very simple and the math is only precisely that straightforward. Look at Japan. They took one look at European steam boats and a hundred years later they won a major war against Russia in its own game. Gotta thank that geography, though. Put Japan in shackles 100 years beforehand and that future victory that forced the world to recognize Japan’s power would have never happened. One example of how geography works. But more importantly than that things happen, is that culture is a choice and choices should be respected. You do understand, of course, that the 3rd world was the brainchild of the 1st world. Those societies functioned flawlessly for thousands of years with no problems; colonialism fucked everything up for everyone. In any case, Japan sought to revolutionize itself without sacrificing the sacralites of its epic history, and thus it did exactly that. Thanks, though, only to geography

In the white man’s defense, though, had the same technologies which inspired and nearly fulfilled his dream for global domination cradled out of Africa and not out of Europe, this whole situation would be the other way around. Blacks would never get shipped out of Africa. Au contraire. People from elsewhere would get shipped to Africa as slaves of the nonblack inferior races. Indeed. Blacks, just like whites did, would themselves, too, oppress the other races of the world. Just like Japan tried to do in 1940. And today in 2020 you might just hear white lives matter in the USA had it ever been that way all those years ago. And the United States itself would have been founded by African kings. Dr King in the USA for what he did would have been a white man who begged his country to judge him by the colors of his soul. And all the racist black people in the 1960s would tell him that he had no soul to start with. “Get away from the podium you ignorant jesuit demon!!” One would shout. Because all the black people would probably be muslim if they had won the geography sweepstakes, of course. But what he would say would be that much to speak on. And white MLK would just breathe in deep and resume his speech on why the white man and the white woman should both matter more. Then someone would shoot him dead, all just because he kept on talking. Indeed––Dr King for who he was would have very probably been someone else who was white if Africa won the geography sweepstakes. If you believe in the butterfly effect, you should definitely believe in that little theory.

So the final question is. If all lives matter but black lives don’t per say, then what in the Hell is still eating you dead?

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