The end of Legend who could see the Gods whenever he was high

Legends are not typically known for their highly selective verbal filters––not in any field that doesn’t require a monkey suit to do the dance and to do it right. T-shirts and jeans as prerequisite ceilings to pretension always must require for the soul in both articles to keep it real at all times in the bossy name of dignity and only for the simple sake of grace and beauty. It is not true that legends are forever in fashion just because they obey the ways of established leaders, and this of course must be because established leaders are always what legends are. Legends are not typically praised for holding back. Legends are more typically known for not suppressing their own mental expressions, no matter how ironically famous an unpopular sentiment may seem to become. Rather than looking for hints on how to run, legends are respected for trusting their own abilities as quiet or even secret believers in self-supremacy for all people, which is not something necessarily illogical if you believe in the function of opinions. Legends are understood for believing in the value of their own contributions to the world. Legends are more typically known for making the world endorse the immaculate visions that they produce and obey than they are known for championing the vision of a superior conceiver. A legend is a self made man or woman of certain destiny, or if not he or she is a child of happenstance who simply could and did indeed rise to the occasion that itself could and did make him or her altogether just simply for reasons of his or her own proven competence in the right place at the right time when everyone was watching. Sometimes legends become out of stepping stones, and human gait evolves with walking experience in the course of one lifetime. And sometimes legends become instead because someone learns how to hang glide with his or her own trajectory, to make for something beautiful out of limitations––an epitome of sanity, or even the antithesis thereof. Sometimes legends are champions of the people, and sometimes legends heel their way to history instead, but no matter how any legend may become itself, a fable must first promote itself to graceland before a real ascension to legend status may be found. And to do that, I’m afraid you must have to be insane to believe that it can really work. But indeed, those who never do think so, rarely ever do it unless they try and try and try again regardless, just as if the discounted end Game to one’s effort was never the cause of it to start. Which is more noble when it’s genuine. Especially if you believe that humbleness and modesty are both equally virtuous behaviors and not instead an ethics-morals type of dichotomy in which the distinction is a measurement of sanctity or a higher capacity for dignity in one word beyond the other.

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