The Production Cost of A Penny

I once wanted you.
Then one day I had you.
I got you because I blew your mind
by breaking rules and living lies.
And then one day I lost you.
I lost you because I fried your neurons
When I voted for the Mr Hide inside me
And sacrificed my good doctor to the Gods.
I told you consciousness was electromagnetic.
I said don’t worry you’ll be fine.
And I told you also that men can never die.
So I lost you because you couldn’t take it.
I lost you
At the same time that I lost my mind.
But the only thing I learned was
While you patted your own back
For your supposed sanity
Was that
You can’t move on from nothing
Because they do not love your life.
It doesn’t make it right
But they hate you––
For your strife.
They hate you for your life
Because everyday is proof more yet
That their next moves are your last steps.

#Poetry #art #lifeshit #indignation #pretension

idunno2 copy 12


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