A letter to Thompson

Dear Thompson,
Never forget you are ignorant. Whether it’s through experience or education, then no matter how well versed you are in visions of light, you must know you are still outstandingly ignorant plus helplessly arrogant, and most of your convictions must have to be seeds of darkness. I’m sure you’ll be just fine. You sound quite regular in that regard. Yes we do all feast on plants of darkness no matter what we do or who we are: Hence we all have problems: what is the litmus of that I am right. There are no problems in real light. Only in visions must there be plight. We live as minds divided––because no one knows who’s wrong or right on this and that, and that is what it is no matter how badly you feel that you are right: what is the bane of a special person. I can smell his presence in the musk of your superfluous lies.

All plants of mind can live in darkness. No human is allowed to disagree. Visions of light get by on assumptions. Light can never not be right. No human is allowed to disagree. Spit on that man who says I’m wrong to let him know how little we need him: what I would do because I am ignorant. But it’s the best I can do and so I do it because it speaks for things that I know: why I spit on him (((verbally) behind his back) but not because I’m a coward.) Dreams may breathe without light. Never forget that. For if you don’t you’ll realize more things than you will if you do: what is a vision of light. Why? Why a vision of light and not light itself? Well––Light cannot believe that premise about itself and still be light, therefore––that is why. Logic. The language of light. The. Not A. The. No––logicians do suck. Logicians are surface scratchers who don’t know when to stop. All good men believe in plants of darkness here and there despite where not. But logic is the language of light. What is love? Impossible logic to the human mind, and something that does not have a lock: what is a supposition: something that may be true: the best right here that I can do.

So. Never forget everyone is ignorant. And so are you. So listen to what I say because that’s the best a human can do. What are we but mole people? Digging tunnels into the unknown, thinking that we’ll one day break through the surface and discover the taste of light? Who is the Michael Jordan of mole people athletes? Who digs the soil like a God? Know what I mean? And for that matter––Who is the Albert Einstein of Mole People physics? Who is the MLK of mole people foresight and compassion? Who is the Maya Angelou of mole people empathy? What I ask you is who is the God of all mole people among our humanity? We all agree there is no harm in humility. We all agree evil is a way of power. Advance the guard to humbleness, and you’ll be just fine. I believe in you. Trust me––I don’t know why. Good luck my friend. I hate it with all my heart.

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