A quick note on the TPJ (left temporoparietal junction)

The day when brain stimulations in labs may produce apparitional quality shadow people on par in abilities with those found by schizophrenics, that will be the day when western humanity realizes that it’s precisely what’s going down. Schizophrenia is an external intervention upon the brain that internalizes inside the mind. We never claimed it was anything else. It almost makes better sense than ghosts. The alien simply fucks with the human’s brain and fools it into thinking it sees whatever the alien wants it to see. But in that sense with that said, the ghost makes more sense. Still tough to say. But the fact that a non-intelligent body doubling shadow person can be generated into someone’s perception by stimulations of the TPJ––this should only indicate that the schizophrenic’s claim is feasible, and that humans just don’t know how to quite do it. That’s all it should indicate. But then again, the spatiotemporal grace of the spirit’s autonomy has never been replicated by man, and in comparison to what feats have been realized via stimulations of the TPJ, it seems not like apples and oranges, but more like coke bottles and cigarettes. The point is the spatiotemporal grace of the spirit suggests that the spirit is just a fucking subtle bodied robot, a particle robot––some kind of robot, but of course. Or we live in a simulation. It is one of these things. But to believe in hallucinations is absolutely absurd in my seasoned opinion. Honestly the most logical conclusion is we live in a simulation.



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