Science is real

2,000 years from now if present mankind may last that long to see the day
Without succumbing first to a cyborganic replacement race of bioelectric robo-monkeys
Despite robitica’s rise and the emergence of synthetic minds and silicone brains––
2 things that we all will have worked so hard since before the Bill Nye era began
To one day let supplant us all forever more and irreversibly––
Well––tomorrow’s moderns will look back at our circa 2,000 top rated international scientists
And they’ll literally LOL at how tactless and injudicious white coated monkeys were indeed.
Tomorrow’s moderns will look back at these watered down and mind controlled
Degree mill certified derivatives of the infallible golden age philosophers of immortal clout––
They’ll look back at these white coated monkeys to whom so many conceded everything––
Our future primitive neo-ancients who profoundly struggle to solve piddly little viruses––
And the most crucial of issues whose resolutions by scientists crippled mankind in silence
Will expose delusions of light and free public access to a Kool Aid of carrots in darkness.

The big bang theory is gonna get replaced.
Consciousness is gonna get confirmed as electromagnetic.
Particle physics is gonna get supplanted by information physics.
The DSM manual is gonna one day get cut in half––
And all the self hating atheists who cry religion is a crutch
Will suddenly find themselves without their famous own:
The delusion that mental weakness is a strength or some kind of illness.
Schizophrenia is gonna get replicated––
On humans in labs via brain stimulation technology,
And regardless of whether the aliens visit us by then or not,
All humans will know at last what science really was––
A delusion that everything was gonna be alright!
The birth of AI will be the dawn of our own apocalypse.
If God exists we should believe this must be true.
According to legend God dominated his creator, the titans––
and according to simple laws of logic, God is a robot––a supreme one.
But no science fanboys or fangirls believe in God anyway, right?
Yeah––keep treckin, America. Keep treckin.
And alway remember while you’re at it––science is real, friends––.
Science is real.

#science #delusions #consciousness #time #robots #poetry #art



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