A brief statement on free thinking

Why do atheists love to equate atheism to free thinking? Why do the secular love to believe that a skeptic mind is an open mind? Doesn’t that sound wrong already? I know––it’s how I phrased it––but isn’t that what it is about free thinking? Free thinking and open minded thinking are perfectly synonymous, no? It is what it is, isn’t it. Isn’t atheism actually cognitive repression if you at least think just about it? It’s like––”No, it can’t be God,” right––but what does that mean about free thinking? Can one be open minded about God and still be a free thinking atheist? No––one cannot be/do both things. It’s impossible. Duh––The only free thinker according to logic is the agnostic. The atheist is just as bad as the Abrahamic yes-man––they both got it all figured out already. But don’t you dare tell me that just because I believe in God I’m not a free thinka. You prove to me how science works and I’ll tell you right back how God can still be responsible. (You can even do that as an Abrahamic Yes-man, but you cannot do it as a free thinking atheist––funny no?) See––We both understand the same exact shit––it’s the nature of the machine that we disagree upon. In what you see as naturalism, I see as a divine construction that is inextricable from the proverbial big man himself. Remember––and don’t ever forgot––it is logically impossible to disprove God. It truly cannot be done. Get over this delusion that science will one day erase God’s relevance from reason, and you’ll have my respect. Secularization only makes sense in your caged up mind. Open that door sometime, and you’ll see what a stupid theory really looks like. Amen.

#science #informationphysics #pantheism #panentheism



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