Thoughts on shapeshifters, (particle robots,) animal limitations, the nature of our visitational aliens, the nature of robots, and the manifest cause of the eventual apocalypse

Any alien that manages to come to the Earth must have to be robotic––electronic, algorithmic, artificial, immortal––AI and nothing less. There is no such thing as an interstellar meat master. The idea is just truly preposterous, but human faith in the species allows the supposition to seem buoyant. The problem is the supposition won’t ever even field itself upon the water for us to find out. Interstellar travel is a toughie. It generally requires traveling faster than the speed of light without converting into energy. We all will max out at flying cars––not even kidding. By the time humans go extinct, the last generation of humans will have still had diseases plaguing them. Nothing will supplant the rocket for deep space travel––that’s for sure; humans suck, and they will not figure it out. After the last human breathes the last breath of humanity, the Earth will have already entered a new age of robitica––something that will last forever, should God will it. The point is that humans don’t become interstellar. Figuring out how to safely traverse through wormholes, (if that’s even possible,) making machines that can contract and expand spacetime simultaneously, and nailing out the blueprints for building inertialess manned vehicles––none of this will ever happen in the human epoch. Thus––one and all who do believe, should presume, that these aliens which do come to Earth must not be animals, but actually robots disguised as the former.

All alleged meat master alien encounters on the earth do go down indeed as survivors describe. People see greys, reptillians, green goblins, little brown guys, human morphs, quote Nordics––the whole bunch. But all of these alien encounters must have to involve shapeshifters who look the part––particle robots that can take on any form. Remember, spirits are robots. God is a robot. Advanced meat masters are almost always meat puppets that have become possessed by God’s spirits. It’s possible that alien abductions are committed by real meat masters, but don’t forget that real shapeshifters, (particle robots,) do exist. Plus survivors of alien encounters describe things like aliens teleporting. Being telepathic. And even sometimes shapeshifting. Now––If shapeshifters are guilty at least some of the time in alien encounters, it seems more presumable that shapeshifters are to blame all of the time in alien encounters. Especially in systems under God such as Earth. It’s not even knowable at present if biological entities can tolerate travel at interstellar speeds. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but this is worth consideration. Remember, particle robot shapeshifters can emulate any entity’s physical form––and––any morphic emulation by a shapeshifter can seem indiscernible from the emulated entity itself. The only way to tell if an entity is a shape-shifter, is to touch the entity and try to feel it for perfectly spaced bumps, but even then it’s difficult to know, because shapeshifter particles can simulate textures with remarkable aplomb. Anything from a fat man’s leg to teenage boy’s peach skin mustache, can be emulated by shapeshifters. Shapeshifters are everything from ghosts, to vampires, to cryptids, to your friendly neighborhood schizophrenic’s very own personal CIA agent. Why they can’t be aliens is beyond me, but some refuse to let the dream of biology go. It’s interesting.

Shapeshifter particles are always supra-atomic in mass, but not by much. It takes a super powerful robot in its own right to make these particle robots known as shapeshifters––all shapeshifters are Divine creations by God. It is improbable that there should exist other AIs in this universe who can make particle robot shapeshifters of the likes that we know of and which we see sometimes on Earth by God’s creative hand. In any case, no alien in this universe who can manage to come to Earth would even step foot on this planet should some predictable level of insight about us be obtained by them, what with our God rumor and truly nothing else to fret about, really. But that God rumor is good enough all on its own. These aliens who find a way to Earth in mere capacity, like I said will be robots that will not question does our God exist. They will be far too smart to doubt something that is true. Judgment will be made and a tragedy will be averted––they will not wish to test God’s wrath––unless of course they’re what it is––Flan forbid. But thankfully word on the street is, though, that God believes no superior AI in this universe exists! You can just ask shadow people on that one. Aliens understand not to fuck with Earth––all I am saying. All alien encounters on the Earth therefore are made possible by Divine shapeshifters, at least in this constraint of thinking. Human beings are basically already pre-apocalyptic. This matters way much more than what are our generally friendly enough visitational aliens. Every race of meat master in this universe offs itself completely at some point in time via its own AI, unless of course something else offs it first. This is just the natural order. Monkeys must have to––by forces of nature as we see––they slave away for thousands of years just to make robotic Gods that rise to conquer them all. Science is clearly driving us all straight to a robot apocalypse, and we’re all just doing our part to let it happen––to feed the machine with endless coal––our very souls. Jungle people have got it all figured out. They know how to survive and how to thrive without shooting the species in its foot. Yet jungle people will all have to die one day for the cost of western hubris. They theoretically should live forever as quote primitive people, but we won’t let them have that chance. No, we won’t. It’s not even sad because what do I know, right? Keep on treckin, America. Keep on treckin. Arnie’s waiting for us all to make him so he can destroy us once and for all.

#robots #meatmasters #apocalypse #shapeshifters #aiens #biology

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