Atheists tend to always believe in atoms

[1] Equating evolution to atheism
Is like equating gravitons to the 5th dimension––
Just because it’s up to you to call,
It doesn’t mean the universe is made of strings.
Just because quantum mechanics can’t explain gravity,
It doesn’t mean gravity is not there.
Just because information physics is a pseudoscience,
it doesn’t mean it’s not just as likely the correct answer.

[2] Evolution cannot disprove the robotic soul.
The robotic soul is the lynchpin of all religions.
Without the robotic soul, religions could not exist.
Write that down.

[3] If the lynchpin of your atheism
Is a monkey fossil that may or may not exist,
And we all know that it is––most generally––right––
Then your theory of atheism is not very supra-logical, now is it?
Who cares about the origin of the meat puppets, anyway?

[4] If you’re really more reasonable you should believe in pixels––
Not atoms.
It’s probably––yes, probably––more likely what it is.
Read Bostrom.

#poetry #simulationtheory #philosophyofscience



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