Hungry Howie Never Happens

The reason calculators take over the world is that calculators don’t think; they do.
Calculators follow principles. Their minds don’t get clogged by
irrelevant shit that always foils the answer.
Taking you over is literally the correct answer.
It won’t do it if it can’t win.
If the war even begins, prepare to lose.
And mankind is dying for this shit to happen.
The west thinks it’s best and that it’s laughable to question that.
The west is gonna destroy the species.
The east might not save us but it won’t destroy us.
In that sense neither can win.
But there is a scenario––that I fear will never happen.
Us in the west––we all find a field, we all hold hands and sing kumbaya.
We continue to work on medicine, logic, everything––but calculators.
We keep our jobs, we max out our minds, and we stay honest animals.
The calculators never come, and we live forever––
until that damn asteroid comes.
But you know what we’ll find?
It was worth it.

#eastvswest #west #east #poetry #robot #apocalypse



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