Mystic number 7

Nobody wanted to come to Earth because humans were savage.
People were killing people all the fucking time.
People were barbarians and it was just accepted by people on Earth.
God sent Jesus and spirits to bring a religious revolution to people on Earth
Because spirits didn’t want to incarnate anymore and he wished to change that.
Sin was the hinge of what made Earth unbearable.
This is what Jesus came here to make us understand.
He also introduced the idea that Heaven wasn’t here for everyone.
Fib of the millennium, no? Maybe. What’s important is it changed the west from powerful barbarians to people who at least came up with the word magnanimous.
Some think religion is out-dated and unnecessary now.
But just because you’re better than you were then,
it doesn’t mean you should disrespect what made you change.

#poetry #art #mysticism #revelation

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