The God Complex Paradox

Shame is the mechanism of ego suppression and submission to doubt.
Love is the kame of the ego––it is kia like the soul to body.
Only the super narcissist believes he will become a God.
But only the unspecial believe in what they aren’t.
There is no shame in narcissism; he wears the N on his chest.
The narcissist at least tries.
Yes the super narcissist tries until he gets it done.
But the regular man doth not dare to inspirit his dream.
The narcissist at least tries.
What is self love?
Is it self respect?
Is it a happy ego?
Are you really feeding the gators or are you just fearing to grow?
The narcissist doesn’t even know but neither do you.
You tell him he should be ashamed of himself without saying it.
You stamp him with a fucking personality disorder because
He tried to love himself but failed.
The super narcissist sees it all and sometimes he even falls himself
But shameless as he is he will not withdrawal, he will not break down,
he will not run away, he’ll quit his name when the day is done;
He is the smartest man in the world and his empathy is divine.
The regular man thinks he knows how to survive.
The super narcissist knows how to die.

#art #poetry #writing


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