The Macro Man

Nobody knows what it is;
everybody knows what it was.
We study history not the present
Experience is what it is––the moment.
We watch “TV”
TV is the “best” opinion
every time.
What is TV but one person for one hour defining perception?
Perception is yourself times 7-plus billion
divided by 6.9 billion failures.
If you really think you know just what it is,
remember all you know is that TV sucks
and until it doesn’t
they will always get you wrong.

#poetry #art #themicro #themacro


2 thoughts on “The Macro Man

  1. The brothers immigrated to Brisbane from Hong Kong with their family in the late 80’s when they were 7 years old. Man – “In Hong Kong, everything is so close and in your face. Everything is so jam packed and condensed you can hardly see horizons unless you live on the 60

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