Thoughts on Perception

What is perception? Is it a moment and a memory? It is always here and always ahead of time but it is always gone as soon as it’s realized. Does this mean that time is actually going backwards? It is if you believe the only moment that exists is the end like I just said. Fuck the idea that time is nonlinear you actually ask? Hmmm, well––Space is non-linear––but only in perception: what I argue to no one but only myself because in this reality I am it all and the simulator is everything else. One theory: This is a digital universe––perception is what it is––and if you’re sentient you’re what that is. VP1 universe––also called a you-niverse because inside that spacetime is all yourself and the simulator which may be you as well despite seemingly its own entity. One theory on perception that you really can’t discount. I say this because you cannot get away with believing for too long that it is impossible to only be aware of half of oneself. It could just be that way if you are a robot. All that it needs to be to be feasible or probable is that you are a robot in a digital world. I call this theory the you-niverse theory. But does my theory mean that there can’t be more than just you out there because you don’t know if anyone else in your perception is sentient? No. Others, too, in your perception could exist in your world of perception––I concede it is possible that you don’t live in a digital you-niverse. You might live in a digital pseudo you-niverse. 

In one way that it works to not be all alone in a digital you-niverse: Multiple worlds and multiple yous for every living person who is a program in every world there is but one: one principle for how to do it. In this model of multiple digital worlds, every digital world within the model must run itself precisely the same as all others, but every world within this model is but one person’s perception per world, and every world is someone else’s perception––therefore––the amount of worlds in this model is equivalent to the amount of people who live in this model. This means that no two worlds in this model of multiple worlds can be the same in composition therefore because one person per world shall perceive all perceptions therein. That means spacetime is simulated on a perceptional basis in every world. Even so, however, since timespace is copied into each and every world in the model that means in each and every world timespace can never change or there is no variance between all worlds––for every world looks just the same––and every world is the perception of one person plus programs for all other people, souls, geology, and other things encountered by that person. What this means is that people who know each other––they all live in different worlds in this model, but of course, even though it appears they all share the same one world uncopied: what it would have to be: you are in every world in the model, but you are only sentient in one of them, whereas in all others you are a program. How it could work. One way to block the riddle that no one can answer. I call this theory of digital physics the digital multiverse model. 

They say in string theory there are many more dimensions than 4 in actual physical space. Now in this theory on it all that people buy for no good reason other than it could possibly work––all of it is meaningless unless we may know about what goes on in the physical world of our simulators because we are still digital beings in my paradigm. And for the record I only believe in physical dimensions that I can see were we not in my paradigm but in a physical world. Yes––in a physical world I posit I can only see what dimensions may exist. And there’s nothing wrong with that regardless of my paradigm that says that everything is digital. But even if string theory is what it is about all paradigms and we are physical, and there’s no good reason to believe that it should be that way, in any digital universe or physical universe for this matter, a digital universe within it must be considered inter-4-D space––as in––digital existence on a physical 4-D physical plane––yes, even in string theory. But––if perception is timespace––Does the memory precede the moment if it is like what I said when I said that time is going backwards? Is the moment even here? Or are we racing to it? Is there an end if nothing happens but the start? Does the start actually end if the memory is immortal yet dead? If the memory is immortal yet dead does the memory even exist in 4-D physical space? Why not? It must be what it is. If you could freeze yourself in time would you be dead, too? If you were faster than time you would probably be time itself. If you were time itself you would be pantheism. If you were pantheism, you would not be digital: what is wrong or incorrect: what is ostensible: not this: the truth of the matter: you would have to be every one thing of consciousness and otherwise at every single moment. Yes you could be pantheism and still be digital. Time might be an illusion is what it is: IDK, maybe. Read Ervin Laszlo.

My only excuse to the demons who make me have to wonder, am I even real? I’m too smart for this bullshit to end in tragedy. It’s not what it is. My only weakness is that I am too strong, and my empathy is divine.

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