Unpolite Fiction

Basically what I’m saying is that time is going backwards because the past never happens and the future is always found. The only moment that ever exists is the end. Memory is knowledge or as that means it is processed perception. Perception is ceaseless if nothing is an impossible concept which it is. But that perception implies collection which necessitates time’s progression––that is something only ostensibly true if it is true that the moment is always there to always be found. The hang up that has most people vote forward for time is that tomorrow means forward in everybody’s book. But think about this: What is space without time? Einstein made every dumb meat puppet out there answer that they are the same. So everyone agrees that space and time are inseparable in the 4 dimensions that we know and love? Listen––Time expands but does not change is my claim and my logic is everything that I’ve already explained. Time is going backwards. Backwards implies a time loop. A time loop is a strong theory in most paradigms according to many meat puppets who believe in a physical world. A front moving time loop cannot materialize however is my point about that point. It cannot exist. Therefore, time ended the moment it began when the ceaseless cycle of the only moment in the universe began its only function: to never stop living and never find peace––to always be there for all who perceive her in these 4 dimensions to wonder what she is and where she goes. Well guess what I’ve solved it. Yep––Time is going backwards.

spacetime #perception #time #timeloop #stringtheory #physics #digitalphysics


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