You can’t put this on a lawn sign

To define space and time, the truth about the universe is that no matter what it is, it’s a little bit of everything but nothing of its parts completely at all insofar of everything you know plus more. If science is sometimes real, and yes I mean only sometimes real, then how come it changes its mind without ever changing space and time? To define science, it is the human attempt to define and understand human perception for all of its parts and its gestalt. That’s all it is. But until humans can understand how to make pantheism (space and time,) you should really reconsider buying science every time, unless being right about just 3/4th or less of what is going on just in conversation alone, is what you’re fine with doing. It’s very possible to better than that but to each their own––some people just don’t know how to ride the knife––some people like to bowl with bumpers. Still I must remind the ignorant or I mean the self righteous because that is what they are if they buy science every time which many typical liberal atheists do––if you try to understand that man is a humble force of consciousness in this universe, then if you succeed to understand this as fact, you’ll increase your rights and become therefore right about 4/5th of what is actually wrong in conversation, or at least for yourself, you will know you have debunked at least in your soul, the agreed upon truth as they know it; at least insofar of what ties together the greatest number of idiots for each and every situation, you will know better, usually. It is true in all truths––that if you believe man is humble, you will be smarter than what you actually are now in truth for not believing so, just on the basis of increasing your rights alone. There was a ghost in my bed last night. I saw him in the corner of my eyes looking towards my right shoulder while lying on my side. The ghost crawled into my bed and I felt its weight press into the mattress. It talked to me and when it spoke, it spoke very clearly. But I have forgotten now what it said because occurrences like this are just so quotidien for me, I sometimes don’t listen/sometimes just forget. Convince me I am wrong about my perception. #scienceisphilosopyanditsaysyouarewrong#worshipingscienceisfordummiesLikeCommentShare


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