Beat. This. Argument.

The belief that pre-modern humans factualized figments of the imagination to birth the genesis of religion, is an incorrect belief. Based on evolutionary theory, it is possible to prove that religions and the supernatural were not pre-modern human inventions of the imagination.

The genesis of religions precedes the advent of human dating systems recording time’s passage and therefore, the genesis of religions preceded modern man. This is not disputable. In pre-modern human times all pre-modern humans faced more evolutionary pressures in the human environment than modern humans may face today. This is also not disputable. It has been proven that chimpanzees possess far superior powers of short term memory than modern humans do possess today despite modern humans of today compared to chimpanzees, do possess superior powers of imagination. As demonstrated by experiments on the short term working memory powers of the chimpanzee, we may now know that as pressures of evolution increase upon an entity in an environment––or as that means––as the environmental risk of survival inside an environment increases––the environmental awareness of the entity in the environment comprising said increased pressures of evolution, must also increase if the entity may continue to survive. We now may know this.

At a time when humans had more evolutionary pressures working upon them in all human environments, all pre-modern humans had superior short term memory than humans of today, and therefore, figments of the pre-modern human imagination could not have been factualized, because there is no advantage to be gained by decreasing short term memory. It could not have happened.

#evolution #religion #science #antiscience #logic #lamarckian #cognitivetradeoffhypothesis


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