Welcome To My Culture.

Expanding in all directions faster than the speed of light,
My ego is boundless and relies on no man’s vote.
Indestructible, like the substance of my soul,
Every planque within me deserves its space and more.
A self made genius standing atop of mankind’s pole,
Staring down upon the shoulders of giants,
The Earth and all beneath me is but a flattened manifold,
Steamed, pressed, and understood beyond its worth––
If the world were my true oyster, I’d shuck her twice
And greedily consume her bounty before you all.
Innumerable folks who know me once truly had believed
Time would one day stop something destined to fold.
They were wrong.
I am
A super narcissist
And I’m made of more than pride.
Diagnose me with whatever title you must give me––
I love the game of sitting on your tufted sofa,
As you metacognitize into a logical coma.
I’ll wear my new disorder like a badge of my authority.
Another one––
A new pseudo-psychopathic point on my psychotic crown.
Now, get out of your car in the name of my dignity.
I’m taking it for a spin for the sake of your lost glory.
A compliment to me is but a black hole.
Looking for the fortune at the end of nothing more.


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