Cartoon Number 2

The 2nd cartoon that I have now created for and posted to my new YouTube Channel Ratilian Productions.

Title: Auditions Tape—-Dave Matthews Band, The Musical—-“Perfect!”

Description: Curry, Faccone, Chopra, and the rest of the actor boys audition for a new musical based on the life of Dave Matthews.

Genre: Comedy, fiction

Format: Animation, 2-D, freehand

For anyone wondering how I am making these cartoons, the answer to that is that I am using a free software available on the internet called pencil2-D, a software that I do recommend to anyone wishing to animate free hand without spending any money whatsoever. For being free the software is remarkably sophisticated and loaded with enough features to surpass the base knowledge on what to do for any novice out there. Def something worth checking out if that is your alley.


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