Iron Of Mike


Collected Poetry, by Michael Tyson

Heart of Hearts

When I fight someone,

I want to break his will; I want,

to take his manhood; I want,

to rip his heart out and show it to him.


In This World

If you are not humble, in this world,

this world will dress humbleness upon you.


Under My Force

I could feel his muscle tissues

collapse- under my force- It’s ludicrous-

these mortals even attempt to enter my realm.


This Night

I could have,

knocked him out,

in the third round but

I wanted to do it slowly

so, he would remember this

night, for a long time.


The Mantra

I just want to conquer people

  and their souls.


Win, Win

I am a dreamer

I have to dream and,

 reach for the stars

And if I miss a star, then,

I grab a handful of clouds!


I am Iron

My biggest weakness

Is, my sensitivity- I am,

Too sensitive

A person.

Oh, Sweet, Julius!

One morning I woke up

and found my favorite pigeon,

Julius, had died.


I was devastated

and was gonna use his crate

as my stickball bat,

to honor him.


I left the crate on my stoop

and went in to get something-

and I returned to see the

sanitation man-

put the crate

into the crusher.


I rushed him and caught him-

flush on the temple with

a titanic right hand.

He was out cold.

Convulsing on the floor,

like, an infantile retard.


I am Iron, 2

I don’t react to a tragic happening any more;

  I took so many bad things as a kid and

some people think I don’t care about anything;

  It’s just too hard for me to get emotional;

I can’t cry no more.



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