Dingo took my Baby

Aliteracy, post literacy,
planned obsolescence.

Smart business,
and little men,
the joneses,
the world, its way,
the times, posterity,
and their place.

Necessity, luxury,
a stingray, and irony,
intention, prediction,
setback, celebration,
and death. Anti venom.

Ruby red sunsets,
cotton candy in the sky,
dust from africa,
beer goggles, and bliss,
trade winds.

lazy boys,
revolving doors,
magic boxes,

The people,
what they want,
and who gives it,

Broken records.
Synonyms at fingertips,
insatiability, obvious,
brevity, strategy,
conventional wisdom,
colloquial metaphor,
idiomatic lore.

Stars and sickles,
stars and stripes,
noam chomsky,
his fat cat best friend,
their unbreakable bond,
and seesaw ambivalence.

Musical chairs,
crack pipes and pilgrims,
meth hits of freedom,
neurotoxic recovery,
jackasses, elephants,
animorphs, spirits,
and buzzers of them all,
somehow harmonic,
concaughic congruence.
Cakewalks and limbos.
Dingo took my baby.


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