Avoid fucking up every few moves you decide to make.
Just say fuck it and spit on the ground and
tell them you’re right no matter how wrong for
as long as you can and bellyflop in promised unknowns.

Learn from me in my wisdom’s wake, every time.
Don’t mature your precious hope into faith and
try to enter this spotlight and self fulfilling prophecy had in
names of whatever and who gives a fuck.

Instead settle for serenity and strive for my perimeter.
There meet someone who knows someone and
they might break you first the second hand news of
asunder and sorrow and war life avoids you.

Just say fuck it and shut your (scarless) mouth.
Remind yourself you’ve nothing worth to compare
when it’s to a man Icarus who falls into oceans
and we talk about flaws and he’s in the same room.

Just say fuck it next time and count your blessings
‘cause you’re gonna keep them, everyone of them,
and you know it, I know it, and he knows it too,
the paragon of what not to do he is.


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