Hell Proper and the Devils who Live there in General.

A heavy heart —
Shame misguides him;
But to his cause I’m blind:

an overvalued idea
to the guy in hell proper
who needs to learn how to read.
That’s what it is:
One master problem
from whence hell spawns:
That’s what it is:
The hard part of consciousness
stems the fact he exists.

For as long as will remains.

A weight on the bat, but once lifted,
Jesus Christ by default.
Avi Davi.
Morning star.
The hard part stems that we exist.
To surmount a heavy heart,
let us become at heaven’s gate.
In face of our failure,
Become — Become — Become.

That’s what it is.
In fact segregation —
over needless weight:
this means to us the devil is no one.
Justified segregation.
Executive power.
Souls sent to hell: that’s who he is.
All guys in hell. All who he is.
That’s what it is.
That’s what it is.
That’s what it is.
Avi Davi.
Morning star.
I point to the sky, and shout: “
Be merciful!”,
“We are more righteous than you know.”

But that’s what it is.
The guy in hell.
Mind control: his new theory:
He needs to learn how to read:
Me thinks that’s what it is.

Mind control his new theory:
he believes God is a robot;
believes we are meat puppets;
concedes that’s what it is.
“It is what it is.”
When then I recall
the fact he is a sinner:
a killer, abuser and then some,
He finds a loophole to I exist.

Whether or not fear is involved —
Avi Davi, Morning star, I understand.

So I speak of inept… But à la Schizophrenia…
Now he doesn’t exist,
and he takes this regardless.
Morning star —
How may a soul try so fucking hard?

Except to the patient it is what it is:
Except to the madmen
who once are in hell awake in their paradise,
to souls who are sober in hell
the Matrix may well append itself verbatim — No?

So fucking hard.
War. — For as long as will remains.

Conviction to uphold him,
and he holds like vine to rock.

Nurture to guide him;
with Reincarnation:
Unconditional Love:
what he needs.
To restart.
God save the astral plane.

Failure alone is punishment enough.
But eternity to spend misguided?

He believes himself the monster
we call him.

Let softer arms find him this time
Than those that wish to break him.

Avi Davi. Morning Star. Jesus Christ.
Become. Become. Become.

I will never yell again.

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