A waste of your time to read.

In this assembly of the golden bearded gecko and geology boy fan club, you hot waxed wart on a thumb toe knuckle sandwich, the most dynamic constituent among the immortal forefathers of america rule book volume III authors, Richard J Mantis Jr, acts most fervently in the heat of the night upon hearing this hyper demographic update indicating key players of the guessing game reported in his proximity by artificial intelligence life assistance technology, since his most recent endeavors and aspirations in dog and pony show business were updated to his iYou account, which is his user profile: cereal mascot inventors who became spokesmen with erectile dysfunction shooting radio infomercials for a product that treats their illness in a country that is not mexico or japan. I can’t believe you just read this. As if the first sentence didn’t turn you away from it. What were you thinking?

flagofthetalliban - copy - copy_bak_bak - copy_bak_bak_bak - copy_bak - copy copy


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