Why must Bill Nye be crucified even though I voted for that to happen?

A long, long time ago before God came to Earth, early people had no souls––
not literally, not metaphorically, not in their opinions––nor anyhow else.
How the humans got their souls or, how I’m wrong to claim that they once had none––
that is neither here nor there inside the providence of the real issue.
(Personally––I believe God conquered mankind and put souls inside the species––
But this, too, is not the real issue.)
The real issue is not what was––it is really––why does it matter?

Why do all innocuous religious acts by religious people come to offend you
when clearly
religious people are all just completely wrong, and even naive,
and even delusional despite tragically the human majority––right?
(I mean––what compels you to actually make an atheistic blog with daily posts on atheism?)
I just want to know––I mean––
Why even bother to lead these horses astray from their magic, sacred troughs?
I mean––they know about the science water––they do––obviously––they know it exists;
They just want something more––
Something that no man can provide them––
Something that you just basically refuse to let yourself understand because you fear––
Yes, you fear––
What it will make you think next––.

But it’s also just the same for theists––
Why must Richard Dawkins thrive upon every religious person’s repulsion?
Why must every atheist also have to be saved when Hell exists for good reason?
And why must Bill Nye be crucified even though I voted for that to happen?
Basically––Why must there be any disturbance whatsoever to your soul’s peace––
no matter who you are––and all just because someone does not possess
a carbon copy of your own epistemology for the world?

Oh, it’s only hot or the big important issues, right?
Really––no––these are not big issues that actually matter to your soul;
these people that offend you are truly but monsters of the public mind;
in real life these monsters are humble human beings who could have been
just like you with the right conditions put upon them before they bloomed.
The problem is you figured out the world already––you know what it is––
And now you demand all of the human populace to reflect your wisdom.
Your troubles are very common.



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