Swallowing it down.

She is spiteful when he is right
and presents her with problems
to idealisms he can’t disprove
but with which she is too
enamored to think through.

Impasse smashed by morals-
she believes hers are better;
she tells him he is smarter,
and she tells him with a smile.
She ascends a bit taller-
Luxury to the humble-
Self righteous immunity;

Before these thoughts happen,
he tells her in his own words
what chalks up to prejudice,
and he swears he’s not lying.

Masoned by someone
who is not in the room,
it climbs up his throat
and bangs on his teeth,
hellbent on getting out,
and he’s forced to shut up.

He thinks about next time.
And what the hell he is
gonna do to stop it.

Funny how funny is never-
to the newses receiver.
It is just melo tragic.


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