Schizophrenia Comes From Heaven

It’s really not fair to disenfranchise Mary Jane just because she gets chronically sad, and we the schizophrenics definitely agree. Unless Mary Jane talks to Satan every night and sees the ghost of Jesus every morning, we’re really not very impressed by how fucked up her mind may seem to some stupid guy who knows nothing of suffering; the fact is Mary jane is not very weird at all, but very common, understandable and relatable. Her problems are solvable. She is a warrior. Having said that. If you’re mentally ill and you despise the stigma that your illness conjures in the minds of morons, when looking for whom to blame, I urge you to look no further than the schizophrenic. We’re the crazies. We’re the loonies. We’re the only psychotic people in the mental illness community. We are Cassandras of our own realities; though we are certain that we are completely, entirely right about what we see, what we learn and what we know, few are wise enough to believe us because we report realities that transcend common awareness, and in the west most have now forgotten that schizophrenia has a divine function. Therefore, we are considered psychotic in the west. Abnormal at best. Mentally ill by definition. And in the pantheon of mental illnesses, we are the undisputed Zeuses and Heras, though we hate the distinction. So. If you have a mental illness of any other type, you really shouldn’t wish to be associated with schizophrenics. You just are, and you are expected to deal with it because you trust the doctor and the doctor sets the rules. But the million dollar answer is, you really don’t have to obey shit. You don’t have to stand for anything in this world if you don’t want to; just in order to be righteous, you must justify why you refuse to obey. It’s really that simple. Here’s a jumping off point: the future will not become the present. Fact. Phrenology was once used to justify racism. Fact. Scientists at all times are sometimes wrong. Fact. So. Disassociate is not so crazy. Though you might be too polite and too kind hearted to fight your association with schizophrenia due to ostensible rules of respect and courtesy, I assure you, that should you fight the association, you will not offend us––we the schizophrenics; in fact, we will love you for doing it. See. We don’t wish to be associated with your anxiety, your depression, your biopolar disorder, or what have you. That’s the doctor who does this. And I know you like the doctor. I know he helps you. I believe he helps you, too. Him/her––whatever. We believe your problems are serious they deserve professional insight. But the doctor doesn’t help us––we don’t believe. We just get forced to see him. We don’t want to see him. We’d rather see witch doctors, shamans, occultists, or even 3rd rate magic practitioners, and we’re not even joking. If you can astral project into Heaven, or even if you’re just clairvoyant, that means a butt load more to us than an MD from Harvard could ever hope to achieve in our eyes. We don’t give a shit where you went to school. And we don’t give a shit about your knowledge of science; we understand with definitional insight that you have no proof for your theory of schizophrenia. Healers are believers, according to schizophrenics; more so they are agents to the other side. Atheist doctors on the other hand, are the alchemists of ignorance if you ask us what they do. Nice people––yes––just in over their heads though and in denial when it comes to schizophrenia. One good thing about them: they compile data. Pretty useful but that’s about all they offer. We don’t believe doctors will EVER cure schizophrenia; even hundreds of years into the future when all other diseases have been cured, schizophrenia, we believe, will remain, because schizophrenia, we believe, comes from Heaven, not the mind. So. If you hate the stigma of mental illness, fight the good fight to disassociate schizophrenia from mental illness. I do it every day. It’s not about doing what will work; it’s about doing what is right. Only schizophrenics will understand this, but you don’t have to. In any case, we’re to blame for your stigma. And we know you’re not crazy because you sometimes cry yourself to sleep. We think you’re normal. Just a little unwell or something. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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