In some sense enlightenment can be considered a state of mind

I’m not sure that man has yet to understand the problem which psychology has presented him. The problem is that man needs to devise a hilt for something that passes into one ear, and shoots out straight the other, before his mind can capture what it is: the dilemma in not knowing what you’re doing is that you must master something that outclasses you, which is of course anything that you don’t understand. The Asclepius idea is, you want to alpha the alpha. Tumor removals generally alpha the alpha unless they are botched. Chemotherapy can be considered a gorilla fight where you come out the victor in a close battle that might have a rematch, or it can be a crushing defeat for a would have been alphacator––but that’s for perspectives sake. That’s the Asclepius idea: what is to alpha the environment. Head shrinks try to alpha the environment––and I guess sometimes they do though I can’t think of an example; it’s debatable right? There is, of course, a distinction between psychology and psychiatry. Psychology is generally considered useful; people understand it’s like: “I’m here in case you need a third opinion.” Type of stuff. I don’t know about you but I don’t let the beat of psychology drive me like a moth toward an everdistancing illusion of self-enlightenment; nay, I believe that light is darkness. Very trendy this past century, though. Not everyone is like that but that personality has always existed. My point is we don’t evolve in one life. Psychiatry is medicalized psychology so, it’s a different type of attack, and not everybody digs it. Head shrinks generally fall short of Asclepius. There’s the anti-psychiatry movement and what not, which is considered an extremist take by some loud voice perhaps, but the idea leeches further than it seems, no; why, some of my favorite head shrinks are anti-head shrink––Thomas Szasz for example, who was a very distinguished head shrink. What does that say about alphacating the mind? All I’m saying is, when your schizo friend tells you that she talks to aliens or something, you should really believe her. It’s all in your head that she don’t.



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