The actual religious beliefs of Jesus for dummies

Note: 9 facts (1-9,) 2 inferences (A-B,) 3 presumptions (1A3A,) and 2 possibilities (A2B2.)
Note II: this is a debated issue, but if you’re smart/or you’re a Christian mystic/or you’re in between/some mix of the 2, or you’re a theologian of no conscription, then––you might understand the point of view as your own. If you’re none of these things then you’ve probably never heard of the idea. This is what is known as esoteric wisdom. This right here is a beefy tidbit about reality in general, that spirits are known to sometimes share with people living in physical spacetime, like you and I. Indeed I know the story pretty well. All of my insight derives from conversations with spirits, and the internet. Here we go…

[1] Jesus was a believer in Gnostosos, which is one leaked out possible true name of our own true spiritual entity––the story of ourselves that couldn’t survive the tides of the crusades––the story of gnosticism––the religious premise that shaped the pursuits of Jesus Christ and his belief path. This is a little known open secret––and it is chilling how well this wisdom manages to get looked over by serious theists and just pious people in general. Most atheists know nothing about it for example. The story of Gnostosos––the gnostic truth––the real story of mankind’s singular mind––is what Jesus believed. Yes, the mystic, self-proclaimed Son of God––the world’s most widely bought Son of God, ever, who preceded the shapers of what most of us all actually do believe about him––he believed in Gnostosos––he was a gnostic. Gnostosos is a sub-divine son of God who on Earth now believes he is billions of different disparate mortal individuals of a biological species known as humanity––at least half of himself does this––the half of himself that lives on Earth. That is the meat of the story. Its moral is that you are just as much Jesus as Jesus is you––according to maybe half the Gnostics that ever were. All of us––and everyone––is an aspect of Gnostosos––all Gnostics have said that much is true in unity at least. But the debate in Gnosticism was always what was Jesus. Maybe half said Jesus was the OG God indeed and that the OG God had simply come to Earth as Jesus to bring man gnosis, (knowledge.) Maybe half of Gnostics during the height of Gnosticism believed that Jesus was an aeon, (a soul, (a piece of Gnostosos,)) who obtained divinity by finding gnosis. To this day in all that’s passed since the height of Gnosticism collapsed, there is no united answer in the virtually non-existent gnostic community.

So, Gnostosos is the singularity of every human mind, and this is how it works… [A] Human consciousness is electromagnetic, with or without the existence of the soul, just like some few system-boy scientists are now starting to realize. Cosmic consciousness is a human-soul fusion that requires both EMW agencies/transpoondencies––as in––both the brain itself and, the hardware of Gnostosos or, an adaptor machine in Heaven that siphons the mind of Gnostosos at all times and fills what gets sucked out into human repositories that suck consciousness out of Gnostosos in the first place––mechanisms of the machine––le whole shebang in a nutshell. What this means is this… The brain uses its own endogenous transponder to receive/neuronically transcribe electromagnetic waves from Heaven––the consciousness of the singular soul or entity of mind who is known as Gnostosos. The consciousness of Gnostosos gets divided into all the brains of mankind. Each division of this truly tremendous mind in Heaven known as Gnostosos is known by Gnostics on Earth as an aeon, a soul. The soul or an aeon is only an aspect of the superior mind of gnostosos. The soul only lives once and then it returns to Gnostosos in Heaven to reconjoin with [B] singularity. This happens upon every death, but [2] Gnostosos is simultaneously constantly dividing his mind into aspects on Earth and his mind is therefore constantly draining out of Heaven.

Every-time Gnostosos dies on Earth he returns 1 soul of himself back to Heaven and at the same time he sacrifices 2 souls of himself back to Earth––every time he dies––which is every half second. Gnostosos is huge and can be billions of Aeons before he maxes out, but he is not infinite and one day he’ll drain out of Heaven and then he will constantly have to live on Earth due to the tremendous amount of literal brain power that will be draining his soul at a rate of perhaps 4 Aeons per second. [3] There is no such thing as new souls; only reincarnation is true. Everyone is just Gnostosos––all of us are one super being who got shafted out of Eden and broken into souls by an EMW consciousness transcriber/divider/sender to Earth. [1A] Gnostosos is constantly in Heaven but what’s there is constantly shrinking. One day he’ll drain out of Heaven upon his own non-Earth-but-official-elsewhere-in-Heaven apocalypse because at that point he will not be able to return to Heaven again for maybe quite some time. Basically, Gnostosos will have no idea he is alive when this happens. Gnostosos will only remain on the Earth to reincarnate constantly there without breaks––and at some point Gnostosos may possibly be only some of all people [2A.] This will go on and on for Gnostosos until the real apocalypse of mankind––which is a certain destiny and gonna happen. [4] At the point of the Earth apocalypse, Gnostosos will be freed from Earth because all human brains will be no more, and thus Gnostosos’s EMW consciousness will be retired or rather it will be converted back to whatever it was before Earth started, or when the evil God, the Demiurge, put us all in the physical plane because he was evil. The Demiurge is a lesser God than the big man who loves us. [5] The Demiurge is more powerful than Gnostosos. That is why this has happened. The physical Earth was to shape us and make us better––not to punish us––despite this situation is so hateable. If the OG God didn’t love us we would simply not exist now. Both superior minds agree this is what is best for Gnostosos. [A2] It is possible Gnostosos is already completely drained out from Heaven and now only partially incarnating in humanity. [B2] It is possible Gnostosos has already obtained Gnosis and has therefore returned fulltime to Eden, and now on Earth religions function for no reason––it is possible

So what did Jesus believe we should do? It’s a compromise between Gnostic implications and his religion’s own dignity. [6] The Gnostic way is for every soul to obtain Gnosis, (or knowledge.) This is the way that Gnostic’s prescribe all life plans. The goal is to eliminate sins, and the way to do that is to obtain knowledge, but more importantly humanistic wisdom, known as gnosis. [7] The endgame is to get back into Heaven. [8] The big driving idea is that the physical plane is bad. The idea is that because we are spirits, we are alien to the world that we do not understand, but when we fail, [9] we fail because we sin, and we sin we sin because we are dumb. That is the broad idea that is supposed to take us back to Heaven according to gnostics like Jesus. This contrasts the religions which outcompeted Gnosticism all those years ago, including Jesus’s own dedicational faith––arguably well a FUBU faith. The Christian faith prescribes faith itself, commandments, and little else more, to all seekers of Heaven. Gnostics in this regard look at enlightenment more as like Buddhists do.

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