My unruly child.

What did I do
to deserve these scowls?

I worked all night last night,
and I still tried my best
to text message you
whenever I could.

So you broke up with Cody.
You don’t want to talk about it. Huh.
You’re in the fifth grade-
You have all these words inside you
just dying to jump out of you
and you lid all of it with these scowls
you give me.
It wasn’t enough,
apparently, was it.
I’d offer you the world, bub,
you know that?
I’d offer you the world.

And all you would then say
is you wanted the moon.
That’s not what you’d said
a few months back, do
you remember? I do.

Of course I do.
Stop — Scowling.

What if I get you that moon,
bub, huh?
What if I get you that moon?
What other planets and their moons
will you then desire.
It is never enough for you.
It is never enough.

I am just one man.
And I have been on hands and knees
trying to–uch
help you.

Listen here, little lady,
buck up.

The world doesn’t
revolve around you.


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