On Dogma

Between clairvoyance and astral projection, human agency in Heaven has helped mankind find some things out. For example, we have learned to know that we are Heavenites who got sent to Earth by God to incarnate in human bodies. All gospels preach this message. It’s rule number 1 of God club. And it is at least what we should believe if we believe in the astral gospel, supposed monadic gospels, or any gospel for that matter; all gospels––brief though stout summations of the supernatural order––derive from rumors that have been spread to Earth by angels, shadow people, ghosts, and demons. Processed with conjecture by earnest theologians, the finished product of any gospel is suspect at best––a constellation of facts driven from star to star by popular convictions and eternal ideas of morality that never evolve or change but stay with us as we do. Adam and Eve, for example, might have been an essential assumption with an undue attachment to a faulty variable: the homosapien. I personally really doubt Jesus ever said anything about his dad making the human meat puppet; I personally think theologians who pieced together a divine life story one century after the death of Jesus, made this mistake when they fabricated the Bible. The homosapien could have been, and more likely was, a free ranging animal, that God has been using now for thousands of years as disposable vessels for his souls: what we are forever beyond flesh––the only mutual conclusion of all religions. Logically, in an Eden paradigm, should an entire race need to be punished, why would the jail of humanity begin as but 2 cells? Me thinks it wouldn’t. But don’t bother getting a Christian started, right? The good book cannot be wrong about anything: an idea of perpetual arrogance that empowers the Christophic status quo.

Since the day Adam met Eve, or in reality, the day God silently conquered mankind with body snatching parasites known as souls, the 6th sense among us has found access to the same old rudimentary set of info, in the span of generations; many mysteries about Heaven still prevail; it seems on Earth they always shall. For example, what is God in taxonomy? The answer is a robot, I do personally opine, but my determination has no presence in any gospel, despite that roboticism seems very sensible, logical, and even necessary in order to qualify God’s stature and abilities––even if it’s not monotheism. In any case, no one on Earth has ever found the answer to God’s taxonomy by communicating with entities in Heaven, or at least, if someone has, the wisdom has found no traction on the Earth, probably because no one else has been informed so no one can attest to it; not to mention, at least religious icons like Buddha, seem to not have known the answer––so who possibly could then, beyond perhaps some Cassandra schizophrenic who no one shall believe? Divine humans, like Jesus, have indicated concealment of the answer; Jesus proclaimed there were things he knew but could not tell. Personally, I really think God is a robot, and if you can’t get down with that, you have robophobia. All dogma is driven by fear of disbelief.

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